Monday, September 22, 2008

The Long Lost Post

It's been a whirlwind month. I've been busy traveling for my brother's wedding, holding card workshops and dealing with Hurricane Ike. We've got our power back now, so all is well at my house, but there are still many without power, and worse. I'm very thankful that power is all we lost after the storm.

I will be posting LOTS of pictures of my workshop cards soon... but in the meantime, please enjoy these photos that I took in Kansas. I'm very much a city girl now, but my brother's wedding was very country. Since he is a farmer, the wedding had a John Deere theme. It was really cute. The flowers for the wedding were sunflowers and wheat from his OWN fields! He even drove his tractor to the ceremony, which was outdoors. I managed to get a few good shots in the sunflower patch, too. That was fun (but itchy).


Dannon said...

You were in Kansas and didn't let me know???? Trouble, trouble Janelle! Cookie

Dannon said...

I'll forgive you this time for the KS visit with no contact from you....but next time there could be trouble! :)

What, you've never heard of the birthday fairy?! The birthday fairy is a tradition we have started with every child that has ever been placed with us as a way to make them feel special. The bday fairy decorates the bedroom door of the bday child with streamers and balloons and then leaves a new bday outfit to be worn that day! As well, the bday fairy has been known to decorate a chair at the table that designates the specail bday chair! Geez, where have you been! Ya gotta get with the times Janelle! :)

Anonymous said...

The sunflower pictures turned out great! Thank you for coming to the wedding, and staying with the girls! They had fun and we greatly appreciated it! We look forward to seeing your cards! I am creative but not that creative! You do a great job! Love ya! The Allen Cordell family! LOL (Can't just put the Cordell family, there's so many.)