Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Recent Trip

OK, so it's been 5 months since my last post... well.. all I can say is time has flown by! The plate party in October was a huge success, although we were rained out one night when the streets in my neighborhood flooded. Very strange.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some pictures that I took on my recent trip to Phoenix to the Close To My Heart Regional Celebration. I traveled there with my friend and downline, Misty Leach. We had the best time and feel energized about our businesses. Best of all, we got to meet the founder of Close To My Heart, Jeanette Lynton. She is SO nice and accomodating. She took time to take pictures with us and chat with us about our business. She was very encouraging. Here's me with Jeanette:

...and here's me with Jeanette and my downline, Misty Leach. We were thrilled to meet Jeanette!

Jeanette Lynton has a blog, too. She recently posted some of her own pictures of the Phoenix Regional Celebration, and I'm in the picture (well, from the back)! You can see my short brown hair and fuschia shirt in the second picture. It looks like I'm working VERY hard on something!

It was a great weekend of learning, paper crafting and meeting lots of great people. Definitely worth the time and money!

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Dannon said...

It's about time you posted!!!! I thought maybe Texas had fallen off the face of the earth or something! You coming to camp this year????